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About Fund

“Noyan Tapan” science, innovative and promising solutions supporting the development of a Technology Fund was established in 2014.

Our goal is to try to be helpful, inventors, scientists and all those who have interesting ideas, innovative ideas and solutions, but find it difficult to invest in them, apatsoevtsel investors that their recommendations or indeed prospective employees.

In such cases, the Fund seeks to comprehensively explore the idea, and if it is approved by the Expert Council arzhananom, and helps to make the current model of the inventor or group creative idea.

That fund normally creates an enterprise which participates in both the foundation and the inventor team in order to make this idea a reality.


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Clean metan combustion technology

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Clean coal combustion technology

  Fund “Noyan Tapan” is introducing an innovative, breakthrough technology to hydrocarbon fuel consumption and harmful products of combustion to the atmosphere. Instead it converts them into useful chemicals. The Fund has developed natural gas and other hydrocarbon combustion products, including liquid fuel conversion, a number of innovative and breakthrough energy saving technologies that will soon …

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