Pasture and grassland care machine

The appearance of the carFor more results, pastures and hay fields for andzrevadznhal water should be stored in the root land have previously pkhratsnelov the grass, fertilize, cut yentatsanks. (Republic andzrevadznhal water using only 40 percent of the rest, running away from the neighboring countries).

This works on a tractor unit of the proposed shift to a car.

According to experts mentioned in the works of the pasture and grassland productivity could be increased 3-5 times.

Engine hourly productivity of 1.2 hectares.

Season one machine can process around 1,500 hectares.

200-300 USD per hectare is at least clean the expected benefits.

Engine sales price of approximately 12000-15000 dollars.

3 of the community together to buy a vehicle.

xot2The costs will be recovered in less than one year.

Pasture and grassland care technology is recommended for use once every 3-4 years.

Russia imported car parts can be arranged gathering of the car.

Engine specific demand (number) of beneficiaries will need to show documented the presence of additional machine harvest.

Estimated demand for 16,000 units of the car in the former Soviet republics.

If you are interested in the proposal, we will provide the details.

Stepan Khoyetsyan

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