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Project was initiated by “science, support the development of innovative technologies and prospective lutsumerin” Noyan Tapan “Foundation”. The foundation, established in 1991 to “Noyan Tapan” Holding Group (Yerevan, Armenia). the director of “Noyan Tapan” Holding Founder and President, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences Tigran Harutyunyan.

• The project aims to prepare a special converter equipment to natural gas savings created by the Fund, further processing and sales, the establishment of mass production of such equipment gbaghvogh plant.

• Our project intends to make and launch new natural gas converter device working principle, which would include the burning of natural gas savings of at least 40 percent as well as significantly reduce harmful emissions resulting from the combustion of natural gas. Obviously, the cost reduction aimed at receiving thermal energy is beneficial for everyone, but first and foremost interested in the issue of large volumes of natural gas to consumers. Our first project beneficiaries are the major users of natural gas consumers, including industries using natural gas furnaces businesses, neighborhoods of apartment buildings, schools, kindergartens, boiler houses, greenhouses, etc. Our preliminary studies have shown that the vast majority of businesses are willing to acquire a reasonable price saving equipment such as the use of this equipment will reduce the cost of thermal energy aimed at getting them to different goods and services produced in lower cost. In this regard a positive role in the fact that the safety rules for the operation of this device are the same as that of any other devices running on gas, the gas is converted into usable on all equipment for natural gas, and does not need a new type of equipment.

• Our strategy is to prepare and install the device in a real working environment, the increase of their production through marketing activities and sales of devices. This strategy will lead to the fact that within a year we will reach breakeven and profit.


Alternative energy in the global economy gradually starts to play an increasingly large role. Steadily growing world energy consumption contributes to renewable energy projects, including their efficiency by increasing the level of conventional energy use.
The use of scientific and technical innovation measures and clean technologies is vital for ensuring any country’s sustainable development and competitiveness, especially if it concerns to energy saving. Proposed contribution to innovation in energy and resource scarcity, and the adaptation of overcoming addiction.

The cost of energy generally has a significant impact on the state of the economy. And not only here in the natural gas price is high and hinders economic development. In order to overcome these problems, it is recommended to prepare and launch new natural gas converter device working principle, which would include the burning of natural gas savings of at least 40 percent as well as significantly reduce harmful emissions resulting from the combustion of natural gas. The proposed contribution of innovation to dramatically reduce spending on natural gas, promoting economic development, improving living standards and reducing poverty. The importance of environmental protection, reduction of risks caused by global climate change, as well as in terms of energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases.

The device is designed to use natural gas for large consumers, including industries using natural gas furnaces businesses, neighborhoods of apartment buildings, schools, kindergartens, boiler houses, greenhouses, etc., for all those who use natural gas furnaces.

The use of the device will reduce expenses on receipt of thermal energy, which is the cost of various goods and services produced lower. In case of use of the device is significantly reduced emission of harmful gases into the environment during the combustion volume
of the device’s safety are the same as any other employee of the device for natural gas.


  • • The founder of a natural gas-saving converter terminal manufacturing plant, creating the Open Joint-Stock Company, in which there will be hundreds of thousands of shareholders involved, including the Armenian Diaspora: • established at the plant converter equipment for sale under this project:
    • converter equipment production licenses for sale, in accordance with agreements based
    • based on the orders of large equipment changer / 500-1500 realization of projects aimed mW / preparation around the world:


    • Production deployment, Armenia
    • productivity, since the beginning of the project, annual equipment 200 (200 MW total capacity)
    • Nominal productivity, annual 1 000 Equipment
    • Equipment cost is calculated based on power, $ 50 for 1 kW of thermal energy produced. Equipment production capacity is expected to be different.
    • The cost of the license agreement is not yet determined.


Untitled-2The analogy is not a Switch device in which methane (natural gas) together with water vapor is converted into combustible gases miakharnurdi. Water steam, special low temperature range, the activation of the catalyst separated from the hydrogen (which is one of the innovations of this device is used by our team), which is exposed through the methane conversion and the mix becomes an additional source of energy. This in turn makes it possible to reduce methane consumption by at least 40 percent for the same amount of thermal energy.

Converter used is the catalyst does not contain toxic materials and safe, has no limit on working time, just every 10 000 hours of work should be subjected to heat treatment.

As we mentioned in our work offered by the device based on the use of a new method of hydrogen production. The special design is used to catalyze reactions of hydrogen jermakimiakan is still little studied, little is known and inexpensive technology, which enables the further development greatly enhance the efficiency of such devices.

The rules are the same safety device, distanced from any other that the device on natural gas. The converted gas is usable for all equipment designed for natural gas, and does not need a new type of equipment.

The capacity offered by the converter devices can range from 200 kW up to several tens of megavatner, which greatly expands the range of use of such devices.

The Fund’s efforts to prepare for the 1000 kW / h of thermal power generation experimental sample of equipment converter device.

Technical details

jermayinhzorutyune served by the converter:    1000 kW
Converter weight  500 kg
You may assume that the number of methane gas 55 m 3 / h
Output converted into gases 110 m3 / h
The quantity of water used,   10 l / h
switch’s length 1.3 m
width converter 0.6 m
switch’s height 0.6 m

Application areas

known natural gas reserves of around 200 trillion cubic meters surveyed. Extraction and use of natural gas annually to 3.4 trillion cubic meters of methane extracted main part / 85% / is used as a fuel, including electricity production, which in 2014 According to the world amounted to 23127000 gigawatt / hour. In addition, the methane in the amount of combustion air is discharged into the vast array of harmful gases, including more than 40 billion tons of СО2 and about 65 million tons of NOx per year. In this case, the use of the converter devices are becoming very advantageous not only economically, but also environmentally, as it significantly reduces the amount of harmful emissions.

Gazakhnayogh converter machine significantly reduced (40 percent) of costs for thermal power generation. The device is used for a certain amount of water, but water used compared with the cost of gas cost is so low that it can be ignored in the calculations.

Our potential clients are all kinds of factories and workshops, which are used in large-scale heat treatment furnaces, gaseous fuel in thermal power plants, schools, kindergartens, apartment buildings and boiler houses, food industry enterprises and so on.

So far, our team is able to prepare converters 200 kilowatts and above thermal power consumption of the equipment, but this project we plan to do research and development of more switches designed for low-power devices produce, which will significantly expand the device market, because these deplum device Buyers of apartments will be a separate gas consumers.


The price of the device depends primarily on its capacity. We plan to sell the product at prices that exceed the price of the gas consumed in approximately half of the cost for obtaining the thermal capacity. Therefore, the potential buyer of our devices, buying our device can do more over its planned expenditure in the first year and second year from previous years would save 40 percent of the planned amount for the purchase of gas anvazn.

This fact shows that the demand in the coming years there will be no complications related to the sale of our switching equipment. At the same time our team needed to expand production to meet the expected growing demand karoghutunnere and think about setting up a production plant with similar equipment.


The most dangerous risk factors.

  • No risk of market competition, non-licensed production and sale of illegally copied devices. This risk is partly neutralized by the fact that the equipment offered by our technology team and is protected by patent (Patent of 2417 A – 25.02.2013), is to protect the legal and illegal means.
  • hydrocarbon production and sale of specialized energy corporations and government agencies in some hydrocarbons possible negative attitude towards innovation-producing countries, which could be an obstacle for organizing the sale of converter devices in these countries. This risk can be offset primarily by coming out to the markets of the countries that do not have their own gas reserves and is interested in the availability of natural gas.
  • The emergence of possible problems with the technical equipment, the exploitation of potential customers. This risk can be offset through the creation of a customer service department, of course, if the need arises.
  • Equipment efficiency and effectiveness of awareness and lack of information. During the project it is planned to carry out awareness-raising activities, with the help of television and other media resources, including promotional videos. The technology will be featured events and short courses for major potential consumers.


The cost of gas converter device depends on the type of production, (individually or konveerayin) both hzorutyunitsev functional significance of the equipment. According to our calculations, it is necessary to proceed from the base price, $ 150 for 1 kW / h for heat capacity, but the price may be much lower than in the case of training equipment with greater capacity (50-2000 MW / h).


The main areas of investment cost.

1. The initial working capital
2. Creation of a pilot-production equipment of various capacities.
3. Consulting services, preparation of engineering documents and equipment certification.
4. Purchase of equipment for the production of the necessary technological equipment.
5. Equipment or construction costs to rebuild the factory.
6. Building and construction works.
7. Marketing. Progress:
8. Other costs:

the costs necessary to make the following equipment for the preparation of the monthly total capacity of 20 megawatts (200 kW to 20,000 kW 10-20 Equipment) (rough, approximate calculation).

1. catalyze the synthesis of materials and $ 250,000
2. metal joinery buy and prepare $ 50,000
3. Salary and other payments (about 10 employees each year) $ 50,000
4 $ 50,000 in research and development of devices

Enamene month, $ 400,000

In the case of selling 20 per Megawatt total capacity of equipment for the preparation of the case (400 kW to 20,000 kW Equipment 10-20), if we go up to 1 kilowatt price of $ 50 per month entry will be one million US dollars (20 000 x $ 50 = $ 1 000 000 ).


  • • Analysis of trends in the field of development proves that the project is relevant and energiakhnayoghakan, environmentally friendly and cost-effective devices for use in being ready for the market:
    • Natural gas exchange can be practically used in almost all sectors of the economy both economic and ecological huge positive effect:
    • Project the main contributions are spent on organizing ardtadrutyan equipment. Total investment in the initial stage of the chemical and mechanical workshops and a factory building in the preparation of monthly bandwidth sarkaverman 10-20, the calculation is not done yet.
    • The design is attractive and beneficial to producers and investors for its high yield and fast tsakhsatsatskmamb.
    • the project’s main risk is the possibility of non-market competition, sales of illegally copied or licensed converter equipment.

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