8 IN ONE rapid multi wrench (Պտուտակաբանալի` 8-ը մեկում)

8 IN ONE rapid multi wrench

Wrench (8 in one rapid multi wrench)

The utility model relates to manual tools, in particular, to an 8-dimensional wrench and one screwdriver.
The wrench has a handle with two working heads rigidly attached to each end thereof. The handle has a rectangular prism at either end. On one of the prism facets there is a cylindrical cavity wherein a spring-loaded ball is installed. Fastened at either end of the handle is a fixture of 4 working heads where the body central part is a quadrihedral prism with wrenches having 2 working heads at the ends. The body (along the whole axis length) has a rectangular hole; in the central part of wither the upper and the central facets semi-cylindrical indent is made so that to enable fastening of a spring-loaded ball in each of them.

The handle (at the end on either side) can be fastened in the central hole of the fixture body. Fixtures with multidimensional nut heads can be fastened to the handle.
Ensuring the possibility to slacken nuts of different sizes and types, 40 dwg.
In realy I have patent, but patentauction don’t have
Armenia patent office cod.
Armenia; Number of the application AM20130171U
Number of the patent 366
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8 In One Reversible Multi Wrench

Each collection has one common handle-frame and the wrenches of different types and sizes, multi-dimensional wrenches, supplied with the different working accessories which if necessary can readily be fixed at the end of handle-frame, or replaced, or rotated, or reversed and so on.
The wrench remind me of a familiar procedure of making the barbeque when one put as he wish the meat, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants on the spears. This initiates me to call conditionally the two versions of collections as “Barbeque 8 Wrench” & “Barbeque 16 Wrench”.
These tools are very compact and practical. Given a handle-frame of any type with all the corresponding accessories, it is easily to stretch, or tighten, or dismantle arbitrary screw of any type and size.

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Asking price:Above 1 million USD

Seller:salikner (Armenia)

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