Termite reactor for pyrolysis .


Untitled-1The article “Perpetuum Waste” http://goo.gl/4Gx11W   Video “explosion without fuel” https://goo.gl/05rymw , “Landfill garbage ideas” https://goo.gl/6g3Ctf .

A great deal of research on the study of pyrolysis equipment and offers a new ideology (explosive pyrolysis) to create a compact, stand-alone, as well as mobile equipment for the processing of large quantities of solid waste and organic matter to produce a synthetic crude oil and heat, with the possibility of integration in generation facilities.

It is a scientific and technical task that requires a decent base equipped with experts in the field of metallurgy, burning, energy, and adequate funding – 200 – 300 000 $. This project requires state support and is aimed at building a pilot plant for complex processing of solid waste on the new principles of speed degradation – clean technology has global application.

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