Innovative natural-gas combustion converter-boiler 


a-1.photoFund “Noyan Tapan” is introducing an innovative, breakthrough technology to hydrocarbon fuel consumption and harmful products of combustion to the atmosphere. Instead it converts them into useful chemicals.

The Fund has developed natural gas and other hydrocarbon combustion products, including liquid fuel conversion, a number of innovative and breakthrough energy saving technologies that will soon enter the marketplace.

A-1 System

The A-1 system was designed as an efficient converter for natural gas combustion.

The technological innovations developed by the company in the A-1 system are catalyst-based, whose use is described in the processes that make it possible and economically profitable.


How the system worksarrata1

The scheme below depicts the process. It begins with a simple natural gas combustion chamber, which is connected to a circulating water system [14]. The innovative A-1 system encompasses two technological components [2] [3].

When natural gas is burned in the chamber, the first node [1] is designed for heating water, which can be used to heat up the second [2] and third [3] nodes.

The first node [1] is used for water heating boilers. Unlike other boilers, this system needs to be more heat-resistant, as the temperature can achieve 2000oC. This system is not connected with other nodes.

The second node [2], is a hub for water vapor which captures part of the energy (heat) that results from natural gas combustion. then also under the influence of heat from combustion gases, dry heat is also obtained, and the whole process is continuously pushed toward the third node [3].

The third node [3], is the most important center for the A-1 system. Breakthrough innovations are applied using the heat generated from the combustion and the catalyst. The company’s innovative use of natural gas at a temperature of about 200oC converts methane (CH4), water vapor (H2O) gases mixture consisting of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2), and small amounts of ethylene (C2H4), and acetylene (C2H2). This mixture is pumped into the gas burner.



This mixture of gases in large quantities and high-temperatures are obtained due to the thermal energy from hydrogen combustion, which results in about 40-50% of natural gas, making this technology very economical.

No less important is the fact that, given the enormous savings, the amount of gases emitted into the environment are reduced by half.

The burner can be used in applications requiring high efficiency thermal energy in all sectors (residential and non-residential buildings, greenhouses, thermal power plants, etc).


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