<< >> Noyan Tapan science, innovative technology and long-term solutions to support the foundation in 2015 , carried on the activity

2015 << >> Noyan Tapan science, innovative technology and long-term solutions to support the objectives of the Fund and in accordance with the following works programs.

  1. 4 Foundation opened bank accounts (AMD, USD, EURO, Russian rubles) ACBA CREDIT AGRICOL bank. With the help of a member of the board of trustees L.Bandikyani drawn up and given to the Foundation and the tax authorities in 2014. tax report (report zero, there are no exits and entrances).

It is expected the next few days to prepare and provide to the tax authorities in 2015. Report (zero reporting, there are no exits and entrances).

Despite strict anbavarutyane funds, “Noyan Tapan> The news and publishing assistance (Director, Board Member Mr. Arakelyan) carried out a number of works.

1. Foundation website has been prepared and launched in address. The site consists of several separate sections, including:

  1. Fund. This section presents the ‘Ark Foundation’s charter, goals and several technological projects, which the authors refer to the Fund for the purpose of getting their inventions and innovations support
  2. Innovative science. This section presents the science is not yet fully chndunvats, but exploration is worthy ideas on a variety of materials collected from around the world.
  3. Innovative solutions in this section, information on installed and interesting innovations, the use of which can be very effective.
  4. Science and Armenians. This section is an attempt to summarize the role of the Armenian inventors of global science and technology development. The department is still making progress.

The site has a considerable number of visits and desirable to strengthen it, organizing materials more often updates, discussion page, and so on. This will be possible when the Foundation is to have its full-time employees.

2. Set the Inventors club affiliated to the fund . Armenia Patent Bureau data compiled by the inventors of the patents and norororneri list. More than 200 names. An attempt was made to find a new Inventors Club of them and invited to participate in events. As of December 2015, the club attracted some 40 scientists and inventors.

Inventors were organized club meetings . 2015 t.skzbits regular club meetings are held twice a month (25 events), which is usually attended by 25-30 inventors. During the club meetings, in advance due to one of the inventors presented his designs and ideas, and then followed by discussions. Club’s meetings attended by representatives of various media, including television there are also covering the activities of the club, the club broadcast materials on projects raised by the inventors. Now already and heradzakvats are dozens of such substances. (not a full list attached)

The club also held meetings with representatives of state institutions and international organizations. A memorable example of the Defense Ministry’s Military Industry Department M . Isakhanyan , director of Renewable Energy Fund Tamara Babayan , the UN Global Clean Technology Innovation Program “national coordinator Wrong Turn Voskanyan and others.

3. They discussed about a dozen projects submitted by the inventors, some of them choosing as promising. Among them are Mr. Adamov draft furnaces, new alloy foam and basket draft prepared partitions, decided to try to find money, Ashot Avetisyan on financing the project.

5. Member of the Foundation Board of Trustees H. Hambardzumyan through organized Ashot Avetisyan funding of projects both as a result of the inventor to create an alternative energy equipment. Work performed by the operation of the equipment. As a result it has become obvious that this tekhnologyanere can overturn in the energy sector around the world. An attempt was made to find worthy investors, whose activity has a pronounced patriotic trends, and will ensure that not only the project, but it kzugaktsen, giving the branding of these technologies and their implementation for Production. For this purpose it was decided to apply gotsarar-Armenian benefactors, known in Armenia have already done their patriotic contributions. Ruben Vardanyan, Nubar Afeyan, Vardan Sirmakes Vahe Karapetyan and others. We also appeal to the Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Mihran Baronyanin, which stopped entrutyune. Mr. Baronyanin proposed project is funding these projects have shares in one company established in the Homeland.

As a result, the fund financed by Mihran Baronyani generated by the first company established Arratan << >>. The repair works are currently in progress of the company. Exhibition-presentation of new technological devices scheduled to be held in March-April 2016.

The Foundation has established relations with the activities of some organizations, which are designed to support the new technology companies (StartUP), as well as to promote scientific and technological innovation. Among these organizations are the Enterprise Incubator Foundation, EIF- in the history of IT Enterprise, Renewable Energy Foundation, Yerevan TRADE and Industry Chamber of Armenia’s Academy of Technology and others. Cooperation agreements have been reached to promote projects proposed by members of the Inventors Club adjacent to the Fund, and several of them were present in the area of grant competitions.

2015 The Fund participated in two grant competitions, which was announced in EIF-, USAID- supported. The plan was co-financed grants worth US $ 50,000, but our project submitted by (one of two competition programs are submitted to the inventor A. Avetisyan) did not win the competition.

Director of the Fund, Tigran Harutyunyan

February, 2016.

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