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Programs 2016

2016 “Noyan Tapan” Foundation’s main goal is to assist.

  • The revival of science and invention,
  • the creation of new companies based on innovative technologies,
  • knowledge-based industrial recovery,
  • the opening of a new technical training centers,
  • Youth and raise the prestige of science.

1. The fund primarily created to facilitate the scientists and inventors who have innovative ideas and theories, but for various reasons they are not able to perform, or publicly perform. It is no secret that inventors and scientists often do not have the opportunity to present innovative ideas, inventions, for various reasons. insufficient financial resources, lack of confidence or ignored by official science representatives for their innovative ideas and more.

The inventor of the idea of helping to prepare his model, and making sure that innovations into perspective, the fund investors seeking and finding, as a result of the inventor, investors and fund created by the new company, which is engaged in the implementation of the innovation or invention of life. Foundation masnaktsojtyune these companies will fund, in addition to classical donations, and other sources of funding have also received funds for the implementation of its mandate

2. Its purpose is also to create an environment where the inventors and scientists are able to communicate freely with each other, each other and the public to submit their ideas and norararutyunere, organize discussions and meetings with potential investors. We highly value the role of the environment in terms of inventors and innovators of contact between different generations, surely arise as a result of new ideas and partnerships.

To this end, the fund also has the Inventors Club, which organizes the meetings and events two per week. These meetings are usually broadcast on the Internet, almost always are also present in various television and print media journalists. Based on the inventors club meetings in the content of the discussions, the media is always present in the meetings and then covered them extensively. For example, the Inventors Club meeting held on January 30 was attended by 10 media. No. 1 TV, Ararat TV, 3 H, Kentron TV, Shant TV, Ar TV,,,,

3. Its purpose is also to society and particularly among young again arjatsnel love and interest in science, of knowledge and inventions. To this end, the Foundation is planning a range of activities, among which the most important are:

  • The establishment of popular science magazine
  • The preparation and organization of the exhibition’s scientific programs or in one of the television channels and the Internet
  • Regional visits and lectures for high school students and students
  • Create inventions and technological activities
  • Creation of Innovative Science Academy

continue normal activities of the Fund for the needed material assistance.

We need to be able to keep at least two or three of the club’s secretariat, as well as a database of inventors of ideas and innovations, Database, prepare for and conduct. These employees should be involved with the Club members ideas and inventions from the public in a proper and different languages and understandable way nerayatsnelov potential investornerin. Note that this club is involved in about 40 inventors whose numerous registered patents, innovation patents and author of the vast majority.

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